Centred on the witty, heartbroken songs of Graham Browning, GBT inhabit a place bounded by Contemporary Folk, English Blues and Chamber Acoustic.


Graham Browning Trio centres on the witty, heartbroken songs of Graham Browning (vocals, fingerstyle guitar) with Pat Allison (Clarinet, Slide Guitar and Vocals and Bob Lockwood (Double Bass, vocals). Graham Browning Trio play a mix of folk, jazz, chamber acoustic and americana.

Songs about betrayal, diamonds, breaking up, lies, cross-dressing, alternative medicine, killing children, crying, gambling, drowning and other everyday matters. Twisted lyrics, heart-breaking melodies and startling arrangements. The Graham Browning Trio - three generations of painful beauty.

Graham Browning

- Songs, guitar, lead vocals

Songwriter Graham Browning has been Huddersfield’s best kept secret for over a decade. He was a stalwart of Nankivell’s Optet and worked with Natural Causes and Ian McMillan at Opera North.

Pat Allison

- Clarinet, guitar, vocals

Pat was born in Sheffield the same year The Smiths released their best album.

He has written and played music for: puppets, plays and pantomimes; films, dancers and drunks. He is singer and guitarist in ROPER, multi-instrumentalist in geographically hopeless Natural Causes and makes a hefty amount of music with the duo/band/group/orchestra that is Crooks and Claridge.

Bob Lockwood

- Double Bass, vocals

Bob’s discovery of a derelict double bass in a high school cupboard set him on a path playing with Huddersfield legends String Fellows via engagements with Crook & Claridge and edges ensemble.

Most recently he’s been playing with dark puppetry company Invisible Thread and the inestimable Sabrina Piggott.